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Nobrow has moved and improved for all you stragglers out there! click here to see our snazzy new home

Nobrow Shop and Gallery opens on 27th May 2010!


Hi Everyone, firstly, I’m sorry it has been such a long time since our last post - you see, between designing, editing, proofreading, printing, and the construction we have had going on in our office the last few weeks, we have had no time to keep all you lovely people up to date! sincere apologies, but now we are back and here’s our latest:

What we at Nobrow are particularly excited about these days is that WE ARE OPENING UP A NOBROW SHOP/GALLERY at our premises on 62 Great Eastern street! The grand opening is on the 27th of May kicking of with a brilliant show by the very talented Mr Jack Teagle we will be selling exclusive prints, posters and original works throughout the exhibition as well as all of our publications and many other goodies. Hope to see you there!!!

Micah Lidberg’s Rise and Fall


A little while ago, we asked New Jersey based artist Micah Lidberg to start working on a book for us based on his spectacularly intricate drawings of long extinct creatures. Thus spawned Rise and Fall, a concertina book detailing the demise some of our planet’s most dominant and long standing occupants only to be replaced by another group of breastfeeding placental creatures that would come to dominate the globe millions of years later. Rise and Fall is due for release in the summer, but we wanted to give everybody a taste of things to come. In the meantime, to whet your appetite this is Micah’s website

Ouroboros review on Illustration Mundo


Read the article here!

‘Coo’ by Rose Blake


From Kingston graduate Rose Blake comes a tale of the origin of her most understandable phobia of that nefarious airbourne vermin - the pigeon. Printed in 4 colours on a beautiful Rives printmakers paper, Coo is limited to an edition of just 50 copies, all signed and numbered by the artist’s hand. Just £30


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'Short Cuts' by Orlando
Nobrow Small Press

Berlin based illustrator Orlando brings us a stunning collection of imagery gathered from his travels around the world. 'Short Cuts' is a veritable journey of colour, light and form - available in a limited edition of 50 copies, hand signed and numbered by the artist it will surely whip off the shelves, so don't waste any time.


Lake Como Drawings
Nobrow Small Press

Consisting of five panoramas drawn over five days, Paddy Molloy's Lake Como Drawings follows a short journey through the Italian town of Torno situated on Lake Como. Originally produced between intermittent rainstorms in graphite and pencil in his sketchbook, the collected work has been compiled into a beautiful 16 page book for Nobrow Small Press set to be released in late November.

The Dressing Gown Month by D. Tsavalas
Nobrow Small Press

Dionisia's exploration of matters of the heart, kebabs and cans of Carling, draws scenes and characters from her birthplace in the South East London. At once a caricature yet clearly coloured by the artist's surroundings and experiences, 'The Dressing Gown Month' is filled with beautiful drawing full of tension but still somehow familiar. Tsavalas' book is an edition of 50 signed and numbered copies.

Inside the Purple Palmtree
Nobrow Small Press

Musical mayhem, floppy hairdoes and magnificent moustaches, Illustrator Jim Stoten brings his unique and whimsical style to the Small Press with 'Inside the Purple Palm Tree'. Four colours, in an edition of 50, the prolific artist's latest is sure to sell fast, so don't be shy!


Dog Crime
Nobrow Press

In a world where dogs are revered as gods, what's the worst possible thing to be accused of? Dogcrime! Our protagonist finds himself embroiled in a set up which will land him on the wrong side of the law and running for his life in a conspiracy that will set off a war to ravage the land. Printed in 3 spot colours in the style that Blexbolex has come to be so famous for, Dogcrime is a stunningly beautiful book to behold and has an equally zany story to match.