New Gwenola Carrere Print

Gwenola produced this beautiful screen print for our event at the Hayward Gallery. This Is Not A Pop-Up is closing on Sunday so get down there!

Signed by the artist and sealed with our quality control stamp in an edition of just 100 copies and printed in five colours including silver. This print is a highly collectable work of art by one of the leading illustrators of today, don’t miss your chance to own it.

Posted by sam on Jan 27th, 03:11pm

Nobrow à Angoulême

Nous serons à Angoulême du 26 au 29 janvier prochains dans l’Espace Le Nouveau Monde, stand N°52. Venez nous voir, nous aurons plein de belles choses !

Nous présenterons l’essentiel de notre sélection, livres en anglais, en français, leporello, ainsi que quelques sérigraphies et feuilles de papier cadeau.

Evidemment tous nos derniers livres seront disponibles, mais en quantités limitées, alors ne manquez pas votre chance de vous en emparer… Il y aura entre autres la désormais fameuse revue Nobrow 6: The Double (en compétition pour le prix de la BD Alternative), Quodlibet, Big Mother 2 par le genie de l’illustration belge Sam Vanallemeersch,  la seconde edition d’Hildafolk, Klaus, Chute et Ascension (version française de notre leporello le plus populaire), Forming, et beaucoup, beaucoup d’autres!

Luke Pearson (Hilda et le Géant de la Nuit, Everything We Miss, Hildafolk) et Jon McNaught (Birchfield Close, Pebble Island) nous rejoindront vendredi après-midi et seront à notre stand samedi après-midi pour signer leurs livres.

Luke signera Hilda et le Géant de la Nuit (ainsi que ses autres livres) le samedi de 14h à 15h30, et Jon prendra la relève de 16h à 17h30 pour signer Dimanche (Birchfield Close), dont la sortie en librairie est prévue pour mars 2012 et qui sera disponible en exclusivité à Angoulême.

Voilà! On vous attend :)

Posted by alex on Jan 24th, 12:42pm

Nobrow 6 Poster competition

It’s the last week of our invasion of the Hayward Gallery shop and to celebrate we’re giving away the enormous Nobrow 6 posters hanging from the ceiling. If you want to win the poster put your name in the Nobrow bag on the front till. A name will be drawn on Monday 30th Jan. We’ll be moving out on Sunday so make sure you make it down before then!

Posted by sam on Jan 23rd, 12:40pm

McBess and Ugo Gattoni at the Hayward

Le Buffet from Bruno Bolla on Vimeo.

In case you missed it here’s Ugo Gattoni and McBess working their magic last week at the Hayward gallery. The giant, intricate drawing will be on display at the Hayward shop until the 27th of January. It’s definitely worth a look.

Posted by sam on Jan 20th, 04:14pm

New print from Jan van der Veken

Jan is back. This time he’s delivered a 9 coulour screen print! We printed it in our basement studio in an edition of 50. Miss this and live to regret it…

Posted by sam on Jan 19th, 04:04pm

In Store: signed copies of Big Mother 2

Sam Vanallemeersch was in London this Weekend and was kind enough to draw in several copies of Big Mother. Each one is unique, each one is awesome. I have 6 left in our shop and they won’t be available anywhere else!

run down to 62 Great Eastern St to grab your copy!

Posted by sam on Jan 16th, 02:44pm


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