Avoid the Future’s review of The Wolf’s Whistle

Dimensions: 15.5 x 22 cm | Extent: 32 pages | Colours: 4 | Format: Hardback | Series: Children’s Book

The Wolf’s Whistle isn’t so much of a wolf in sheep’s clothing, as it is a wolf adorned with an amazing Technicolor dreamcoat. Artist/writer Bjorn Rune Lie eviscerates the well-known Three Little Pigs fable and stuffs it with a tasty mix of crime-thriller and costumed-vigilantism in this genre-blurring, half-comic, half-storybook prequel. If that wasn’t the most unnecessarily grotesque introduction to a review of a children’s book ever, I don’t know what is. Read more

Posted by alex on Feb 14th, 07:03pm

Nobrow Spring Catalogue And Poster 2011!!! OUT NOW!!!

It has often been pondered as to what exactly goes on behind the veil of our shop/storefront. Where does all this illustrated confectionery come from? Well we like to think that in an ideal world it would come from the ‘Nobrow Creative Factory’ a wondrous multistoried venue of concept and creation, where every artistic whim can whizz it’s way down to production in a jiffy and land directly into a truck ready at any moment to ship to the four corners of the globe. Sadly, the world is not a place where such ease is in abundance, but we can always hope! Read more

Posted by sam on Feb 10th, 04:17pm

Brickman print OUT NOW!

A long time in waiting, we are proud to announce the online sale for Brecht Vandenbroucke’s latest print from Nobrow press ‘Brickman’. Previously this print was available exclusively at our gallery and shop at Nobrow on 62 Great Eastern Street. The print comes in SRA2 in three very vibrant, overlapping colours, printed in an edition of just 50 copies and knowing the young Flemish gentleman’s wide fan base, it won’t last long online. Don’t miss your chance to lap up one of Belgium’s finest talents in luscious printed form.

Posted by alex on Feb 2nd, 04:52pm


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