Nobrow and mistakes!!

Hi all, we are sorry to say that in spite of everyone’s pleasure at the sight of Nobrow 3, for the beautiful thing it is, it is dotted with errors. We were responsible for a number of mistakes within that are really quite embarrassing.

The first mistake was that Luke Best‘s image in the credits section actually belonged to Rob Hunter, fatal error. We printed at our own cost 3,000 erratum slips with the correct image credit, which we then inserted by hand into the 3,000 copies of the magazine. Luke, we are very sorry for this very, very silly mistake.

The second we noticed was pointed out by Joao Fazenda, in the rush to meet the deadline of the Pick Me Up fair, we butchered his separations and they came out completely off-register. This is really not what has come to be expected of us at Nobrow, we pride ourselves on being expert printmakers, so a shame it was that we did not do his beautiful submission justice. We would like to thank Joao for his time and effort and will be sending him a big goodies package in the post to ask his forgiveness. This is Joao’s work, he is a very talented illustrator and we hope that posting the correct artwork, above, will add a little salve to the wounds…

The third and easiest to avoid mistake was the spelling of Emmanuel Romeuf’s name, which is spelt correctly here. A French speaker myself, I should have spotted this quite obvious error, one which furthermore was avoided in the web address we provided directly below it. This is his website, Emmanuel, Je vous demande pardon pour l’erreur débile!

The fact of the matter is that we were massively over-extended and we are a very small studio, this is not an excuse, but we were sending four projects to print simultaneously and were also building a gallery in our workspace. The month of March 2010 was one we will never chose to repeat, we took too much on and crumbled slightly under the pressure. In many respects I am surprised we didn’t do worse out of it… the other three books of which one was a translation from French which I personally oversaw, were 100% error and typo free…

To those we misrepresented we ask for your forgiveness and promise it will never happen again.

Best, Alex

Posted by alex on May 21st, 05:06pm

New Prints!!!!

We have a whole host of new prints available to buy on our online shop, including this eye catching print of Atak’s cover artwork for Issue 3. Check them out here.

Posted by alex on May 20th, 04:54pm

Pick Me Up photos

It’s been a couple of weeks since we packed up shop at Pick Me Up (Somerset House), but just before we did we finally had the chance to snap some photos of the decorated space free of the 14000 strong crowd that had visited the event over the 10 period. Here are the photos and if you want to read more about Pick Me Up and our presence there, follow this link. In what many were heralding as the first contemporary graphic art fair of its kind in the UK, people could visit working studios and print rooms and in some cases even take part. There was a great line up of contemporary illustrators and graphic artists, including Rob Ryan and Luke Best, and a strong presence of successful young collectives Peepshow, Le Gun and Evening Tweed as well as hip Shoreditch gallery Concrete Hermit, amongst others. The fair gave the general pubic the opportunity to buy limited edition, affordable graphic art, illustration and design and the overall response was very positive.

Posted by alex on May 19th, 11:36am

Nobrow regular Richard Hogg has just released a Videogame!

Our good friend and regular collaborator Richard Hogg has just designed this beautiful looking game click here or above to give it a shot, I was rubbish at it but it’s lots of fun!

Posted by alex on May 6th, 04:59pm


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