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graphcos_thumbnail A Graphic Cosmogony

When it comes to the birth of comics, like the birth of the cosmos, it's still open to speculation.

  WorseThingsHappenAtSea_Thumb_Small Worse Things Happen at Sea

A thrilling adventure across the seven seas in which man confronts monstrous sea beasts, presented in the bestselling Leporello format.

  BM4_Thumb Big Mother # 4: Raymond Lemstra (Limited Edition)

Big Mother # 4: the playful, imaginative and occasionally sinister world of Lemstra is revealed.

Nb9_Thumb Nobrow 9: It’s Oh So Quiet

Nobrow 9: It's Oh so Quiet... How is silence expressed? Can it be visual?

  LondonDeco_Thumbnail London Deco

London Deco Astoundingly detailed drawings of 11 of London’s finest art deco buildings.

  FREUD_Thumbnail Freud

A necessary and entertaining introduction to the genius of Freud.

Neuro_thumbnail Neurocomic

A genre-splicing collaboration that reveals the mysteries and intricacies of the human brain

  FestivalFrenzy_thumb Festival Frenzy

Festival Frenzy Glastonbury, Burning Man, Bestival - eat your heart out.

  Burgermat_ThumbnailNEW The Burgermat Show

With original artwork by 24 different artist, The Burgermat Show book enables you to host your very own burger-themed food and art event.


A young boy befriends the face of the Earth and changes time forever… A poetic vision of time and space.

  LaCarte_Thumb La Carte des Jours

Format: 170 x 290mm | 64 pages | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Couverture cartonnée, dos toilé Richard n’arrête pas de penser à l’horloge. Chaque nuit, allongé dans son lit, il écoute son tic-tac incessant et son lourd mouvement de balancier. Pourquoi son grand-père ouvre-t-il ses vieilles portes en cachette et s’enfonce-t-il dans les ténèbres […]

  Biografiktion_THUMB Biografiktion

Biografiktion Celebrity-skewering stories that are funny and just a little deranged.

In pieces In Pieces

A collection of surrealist and silent short stories, inspired by everyday life and human relationships.

  NOBROW8_THUMB Nobrow 8: Hysteria

Nobrow 8: Hysteria Forty-five leading illustrators let their pens and pencils loose on the theme of Hysteria

  HBP_thumb01 Hilda and the Bird Parade

The blue-haired heroine returns in an all-new magical adventure in the big city.

BM3_thumb Big Mother # 3: Riikka Sormunen (Limited Edition of 2000)

Big Mother # 3 22 brazenly confident, fashion inspired illustrations from a Scandinavian star.

  SHOW_thumb01 17×23 Showcase

A bi-annual, groundbreaking series designed to showcase new graphic narratives from 5 of the most promising young talents in comics!

  SPACE_thumb01 Space Race

Space Race A beautifully illustrated concertina book detailing the defining moments of the Cold War Space Race.

DOCK_thumb01 Dockwood

The inimitable Jon McNaught paints autumn through the experiences of a teenage paper-boy, a care worker and a street sweeper.

  Automne_Thumb Automne

Format: 195 x 265 mm portrait | 64 pages | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Couverture cartonnée rigide Une journée d’automne ordinaire. Deux personnages, deux journées, deux impressions de saison. Un mardi gris d’automne semblable à tant d’autres dans la petite ville de Dockwood. Les habitants vaquent à leurs occupations quotidiennes: à la maison de […]

  adventure_thumb01 Adventures of a Japanese Businessman

Adventures of a japanese business man A stunning wordless comic following a Japanese business man as he heads home after another day at the office.

Megaskull Megaskull

Megaskull A compendium of raw unadulterated slapstick skater humour in glorious comic form

  Megaskull_Thumb Megaskull (French edition)

Format: 162 × 241 mm | 52 pages | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Couverture souple| Collection: Les Séries à Dévorer Des histoires de deux à cinq pages, toutes plus déjantées les unes que les autres. Vous y trouverez: un amoureux transi aux yeux puants, un Forrest Gump du cyclisme, une tragédie à l’ANPE de l’espace, […]

  bic-thumb Bicycle

Bicycle Leporello Ugo Gattoni intricately illustrates a cycle race through London

fig2-thumb Fight #2

Fight #2 Jack Teagle follows the continuing struggles of Diablo, the meek wrestler

  nml-thumb No Man’s Land

No Man's Land Blexbolex's new graphic novel - 140 beautiful pages tell the story of...

  nb7-slide-thumb Nobrow 7: Brave New World

Is this our ‘Brave New World’? 45 creative visionaries take on the theme

ht-slide-thumb High Times: A History of Aviation

High Times A stunning panorama detailing the history and mythology of flight

  bjornbbs_thumb Sketchbook – Birds Blue (Small)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornbbl_thumb Sketchbook – Birds Blue (Large)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

bjornbrs_thumb Sketchbook – Birds Red (Small)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornbrl_thumb Sketchbook – Birds Red (Large)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornsbs_thumb Sketchbook – Sea Blue (Small)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

bjornsbl_thumb Sketchbook – Sea Blue (Large)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornsrs_thumb Sketchbook – Sea Red (Small)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornsrl_01 Sketchbook – Sea Red (Large)

Environmentally friendly sketchbooks designed by Bjorn Rune Lie

bjornmys_thumb Sketchbook – Mushrooms Yellow (Small)

Mushrooms Yellow (small) sketch book by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornmyl_thumb Sketchbook – Mushrooms Yellow (Large)

Mushrooms Yellow (large) sketchbook by Bjorn Rune Lie

  bjornmbs_thumb Sketchbook – Mushrooms Blue (Small)

Mushrooms Blue (small) sketch book by Bjorn Rune Lie

bjornmbl_thumb Sketchbook – Mushrooms Blue (Large)

Mushrooms Blue (large) sketch book by Bjorn Rune Lie

  lrq-thumb Le Royaume Quo

Format: 170 x 230 mm | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Série: n/a | Pagination: 24  pages | Première édition: 3,000 Au Royaume Quo, productivité est le maître mot. En effet, Quo (prince du royaume du même nom) possède une imposante usine de cristaux, qu’il compte bien rendre profitable afin de s’attirer les faveurs des […]

  swanlake-thumb Swan Lake

Based on a performance of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, the images are not only inspired by the dramatic story but also the atmosphere of a working dance venue. Swan Lake is a beautiful concertina book detailing a night at the Ballet. Illustrated by Californian artist Ping Zhu, we see the pristine theatre, audience and performance on […]

leeroyandpopo-thumb Leeroy and Popo

Dimensions: 170 x 230 mm portrait | Colours: CMYK | Series: Serial Box | Extent: 52 pp The Adventures of Leeroy and Popo, the much anticipated release by rising UK comics star Louis Roskosch is out now! Meet Leeroy, a twenty-something bear, unsure about where he’s heading in life. He doesn’t have a job, he […]

  LeeroyEtPopo_Thumb Leeroy et Popo (French)

Format: 17 x 23 cm | 24 pages | Couleurs: CMYK | Couverture cartonnée rigide | Série: Les Séries à Dévorer Leeroy et Popo sont deux amis dont le quotidien se passe à flemmarder, à fumer, à traîner au café du coin et à jouer aux jeux vidéos. En bref, à éviter tout ce qui […]

  ttmm-thumb Time to Make a Monster

Time to Make a Monster by Liam Barrett Check out our hugely popular activity book for kids

cram-thumb Cramond Island

Dimensions: 190 x 270 mm portrait | Colours: 3 Spot Colours | Series: n/a | Extent: 36 pp | First edition print run: 2,000 Cramond Island is the first instalment in the Jean Baptiste Baigorri narrative, created by Basque comic book virtuoso Irkus M Zeberio. At 19 x 27 cm it is also one of […]

  enghmg_thumb Hilda and the Midnight Giant (English)

Hilda and the Midnight Giant The applauded first story in the Hilda album series!

  dim_thumb Dimanche (French)

Dimanche Le premier titre de Jon McNaught en français!

hil_thumb Hildafolk (3rd Edition)

Hilda is sitting in her tent at night listening to the rumble of the storm passing overhead when she hears a bell. As she hurtles towards the vanishing tinkling sound, Hilda unwittingly embarks on an adventure into strange worlds ruled by magical forces. Luke Pearson tells this exciting tale with his stunningly adept use of […]

  bm2_thumb Big Mother # 2: Sam Vanallemeersch (Limited Edition of 2,000)

Big Mother #2 is here, this time graced with the awe-inspiring work of Belgian artist/illustrator Sam Vanallemeersch. This stunning A3 format collection of his latest personal work is a testament to the power of drawing and in an edition of just 2,000 copies is sure to sell out fast, don’t miss your chance to own […]

  klaus_thumbnail Klaus

Dimensions: 160 x 180 mm portrait | Colours: B+W | Series: n/a | Extent: 68 pp | First edition print run: 3,000 The first 500 come with a beautiful A2 poster. Still some left, hurry! Visually informed by Short’s love of classic comic strips, especially Charles Schulz’ Peanuts and Tove Jansson’s Moomin, Klaus explores the un-adventures […]

quo_thumbnail Quodlibet

Dimensions: 180 x 244 mm portrait | Colours: 3 | Series: n/a | Pages: 60 pp | First edition print run: 3,000 A Q-rated Encyclopaedia! Inspired by the late, great Georges Perec, who is famous for writing a book whose sole subject was the letter ‘E’, illustrator Katja Spitzer and freelance writer Sebastian Gievert have […]

  riseandfall2_thumb Rise and Fall 2nd Edition

Dimensions: 138 x 235mm | Extent: 20 panel fold out panorama | Format: Concertina | Series: Leporello | Colour: Spot colour Rise and Fall 2nd edition is here! Our best selling title is back and now has a cover for safe keeping and easy bookcase display. The first edition sold like cupcakes and this is […]

  nb6_thumbnail Nobrow 6: The Double

Over 60 artists contribute work to the theme of Doubles or Doppelgangers in this 128 page beautiful bonanza.

forming_thumb Forming Vol 1

Forming Part 1 of Jesse Moynihan's eon-spanning epic available now!

  bigmother_thumb Big Mother # 1: McBess (Limited Edition)

Dimensions: A3 | Extent: 24 pages | Colours: 2 | Format: Paperback saddlestitched | Series: Big Mother| Edition: 2000 If Jimi Hendrix was reincarnated as a white Frenchman with a beard to put any Greek Orthodox priest to shame and wielded 0.001  Rotring pen, then surely he would have been McBess… Joking aside, it is […]

  everythingwemiss_thumbnail Everything We Miss

Everything We Miss The acclaimed graphic novel by Luke Pearson is available to buy now

LoinDesYeux_Thumb Loin des Yeux…

Format: 155 x 220 mm | 38 pages | Couleurs: 3 tons directs | Couverture cartonnée rigide Vous êtes-vous jamais demandé ce qul se passait autour de vous lorsque vous n’y prêtez pas attention? Peut-être êtes-vous si absordé par votre vie quotidienne que vous ne remarquez pas ce qui se passe à côté de vous […]

  fight1_thumb FIGHT! # 1

Fight! # 1 introduces us to Lou (short for Lucifer), a British wrestler in his mid thirties.

  anewghost_thumbnail The New Ghost

Rob Hunter’s first comic for Nobrow Press took TCAF by storm, selling out on the first day of the event! The book is a beautiful, poetic story that is surprising in its adeptness for the medium of graphic

JEUNEFANTOME_thumb1 Le Jeune Fantôme

Un soir d'été, un fantôme s'égare.

  fleshnbone_thumbnail Flesh and Bones: A Colouring Concertina

Flesh and Bones is John Sibbick’s first collaboration with NoBrow. Many of you will have grown up leafing through John’s meticulously illustrated natural history and dinosaur books, in fact, John is probably responsible for what you think a dinosaur, or dinosaurs in general, look like in their general outward appearance. This beautiful concertina book, on […]

  obsolete_thumbnail Obsolete

Obsolete The cult comic by Mikkel Sommer.

nb5pic_thumbnail Nobrow 5: A Few of my Favourite Things

Just in time for Pick Me Up 2011, We are releasing the 5th incarnation of Nobrow Magazine, entitled A Few of my Favourite Things. 30 artists have been asked to create repeatable patterns from some of their favourite things, a selection of which will be turned into a variety of

  colourme_thumb Colour Me Menagerie

Taking the format of a 19th century menagerie but adding his distinctive contemporary feel, Boam explores the full diversity of habitats of the world’s terrestrial flora and fauna.

  nb4_thumbnail Nobrow 4: Night and Day

After the long wait, but hopefully a worthwhile one, we are releasing our 4th issue with an ever more exciting line up of the world’s foremost illustration talent.

tempor_thumbnail Temporama

Temporama takes place in a city where, like any concrete jungle, technology favours the privileged, and nature is quarantined like a virus.

  wolfswhistle_thumbnail The Wolf’s Whistle

The Wolf's Whistle Albert is a comic-creating, scrawny little wolf who spends his lunch breaks sharing tales of the ‘Lone Wolf’

  pebbleisl_thumbnail Pebble Island

Pebble Island From the author of Birchfield Close, Jon McNaught's latest book takes us...

bento_thumbnail The Bento Bestiary

In the 18th Century, Japanese artist Toriyama Sekien attempted to depict each spirit of the ‘yokai’ tradition; an ancient race of demons whose descendants would later terrorise the earth under the guises of Godzilla, Mothra and Rodan.

  AdaPreOrder_thumb Ada

In this illustrated version of celebrated poet and art patron Gertrude Stein’s first ‘word portrait’, Berlin based artist Atak visually recounts the fortunes of the poem’s two protagonists Barnes and Ada Colhard alongside a hand written version of the poem.

  jeff_thumb Jeff Job Hunter

Jeff thinks he is on his way to the Job Centre to pick up his monthly benefit payment when in fact he is about to embark on a quest of Ulyssean proportions.

NB3_thumb Nobrow 3: Topsy Turvy

After enjoying the enthusiasm and excitement generated by our first two issues we are releasing our third issue with an ever more illustrious line up of the world’s foremost illustration talent.

  bclose_thumb Birchfield Close

For some the city is their birthplace and home, but for most of us, it is somewhere arrived at after years of hard work and perseverance and it becomes our home, gradually, in the place of far calmer, more serene and frankly altogether less entertaining origins.

  dogcrime_thumb Dog Crime

In a world where dogs are revered as gods, what’s the worst possible thing to be accused of? Dogcrime!

PINM_Thumb People I’ve Never Met…

Nobrow Press is delighted to present this 36 page hardback monograph of Nick White's most recent collection of works. It also represents our first in a brand new series called Monobrow.

  NB2_thumb Nobrow 2: The Jungle

With an amazing all-star line up including the likes of Marc Boutavent, Henning Wagenbreth, Blexbolex, Pietari Posti and Paul Blow, and the emerging talents of Eda Akaltun, Jon Boam, Jack Teagle and Sroop Sunar, Issue 2 is shaping up to be a real collectors item!

  Ourobouros_thumb Ouroboros

Inspired by the mythical serpent Ouroboros, Ben Newman takes the reader on a tale of action and adventure that juxtaposes brutal violence with ecstatic comic exuberance, where our protagonist fights a band of rogue, thuggish, drug peddling perverts after they murder his newly beloved mermaid.

Abecederia_thumb Abecederia

With his first independent publication for Nobrow Press, Blexbolex’s graphic novella Abecederia is an incendiary mix of intrigue, artwork and extremes. A play on the Greek practice of Abecedarium inscriptions, the story is illustrated one letter a time, incorporating A-Z onto the page in ever more ingenious ways.

  Malevmelody_thumb Malevolent Melody

t’s a rare occasion that a comic book is given its own soundtrack, rarer still is when the soundtrack is written by the comic’s own illustrator; with Malevolent Melody, Mcbess has given us both in one neat little package.

  NB1_thumb Nobrow 1: Gods and Monsters

Dimensions: 24x34cm | 52 pages| Colours: 2  | Format: Perfect bound paperback | Series: Magazine | Edition: 3000 Grainedit blog says: “The printing, presentation, and work is awesome!” The Association of Illustrators say: “they [Nobrow] have been slowly growing to be one of the most successful independents on the market.

With a great focus on imagery […]


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