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Nb9_Thumb Nobrow 9: It’s Oh So Quiet

Nobrow 9: It's Oh so Quiet... How is silence expressed? Can it be visual?

  NOBROW8_THUMB Nobrow 8: Hysteria

Nobrow 8: Hysteria Forty-five leading illustrators let their pens and pencils loose on the theme of Hysteria

  nb7-slide-thumb Nobrow 7: Brave New World

Is this our ‘Brave New World’? 45 creative visionaries take on the theme

nb6_thumbnail Nobrow 6: The Double

Over 60 artists contribute work to the theme of Doubles or Doppelgangers in this 128 page beautiful bonanza.

  nb5pic_thumbnail Nobrow 5: A Few of my Favourite Things

Just in time for Pick Me Up 2011, We are releasing the 5th incarnation of Nobrow Magazine, entitled A Few of my Favourite Things. 30 artists have been asked to create repeatable patterns from some of their favourite things, a selection of which will be turned into a variety of

  nb4_thumbnail Nobrow 4: Night and Day

After the long wait, but hopefully a worthwhile one, we are releasing our 4th issue with an ever more exciting line up of the world’s foremost illustration talent.

NB3_thumb Nobrow 3: Topsy Turvy

After enjoying the enthusiasm and excitement generated by our first two issues we are releasing our third issue with an ever more illustrious line up of the world’s foremost illustration talent.

  NB2_thumb Nobrow 2: The Jungle

With an amazing all-star line up including the likes of Marc Boutavent, Henning Wagenbreth, Blexbolex, Pietari Posti and Paul Blow, and the emerging talents of Eda Akaltun, Jon Boam, Jack Teagle and Sroop Sunar, Issue 2 is shaping up to be a real collectors item!

  NB1_thumb Nobrow 1: Gods and Monsters

Dimensions: 24x34cm | 52 pages| Colours: 2  | Format: Perfect bound paperback | Series: Magazine | Edition: 3000 Grainedit blog says: “The printing, presentation, and work is awesome!” The Association of Illustrators say: “they [Nobrow] have been slowly growing to be one of the most successful independents on the market.

With a great focus on imagery […]


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