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Moonhead-thumb Moonhead and the Music Machine

Meet Joey Moonhead. A normal kid in every way. Except one… He has a moon for a head.

  HildaBH_Thumbnail Hilda and the Black Hound

The fourth book in the award-winning Hildafolk series is here!

  FREUD_Thumbnail Freud

A necessary and entertaining introduction to the genius of Freud.

HildaBP_Thumb Hilda and the Bird Parade

A new edition of Hilda's latest adventure is out now!

  HildaMG_Thumbnail Hilda and the Midnight Giant

Luke Pearson's award-winning Hildafolk series has been re-printed under Flying Eye Books with bonus material and a sparkly cloth spine!

  HildaTroll_Thumbnail Hilda and the Troll

A brand new hardback edition that offers a fresh chance to read the very first outing in Luke Pearson’s ever-popular series of magical Hilda adventures.

Neuro_thumbnail Neurocomic

A genre-splicing collaboration that reveals the mysteries and intricacies of the human brain


A young boy befriends the face of the Earth and changes time forever… A poetic vision of time and space.

  LaCarte_Thumb La Carte des Jours

Format: 170 x 290mm | 64 pages | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Couverture cartonnée, dos toilé Richard n’arrête pas de penser à l’horloge. Chaque nuit, allongé dans son lit, il écoute son tic-tac incessant et son lourd mouvement de balancier. Pourquoi son grand-père ouvre-t-il ses vieilles portes en cachette et s’enfonce-t-il dans les ténèbres […]

In pieces In Pieces

A collection of surrealist and silent short stories, inspired by everyday life and human relationships.

  HBP_thumb01 Hilda and the Bird Parade

The blue-haired heroine returns in an all-new magical adventure in the big city.

  DOCK_thumb01 Dockwood

The inimitable Jon McNaught paints autumn through the experiences of a teenage paper-boy, a care worker and a street sweeper.

Automne_Thumb Automne

Format: 195 x 265 mm portrait | 64 pages | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Couverture cartonnée rigide Une journée d’automne ordinaire. Deux personnages, deux journées, deux impressions de saison. Un mardi gris d’automne semblable à tant d’autres dans la petite ville de Dockwood. Les habitants vaquent à leurs occupations quotidiennes: à la maison de […]

  adventure_thumb01 Adventures of a Japanese Businessman

Adventures of a japanese business man A stunning wordless comic following a Japanese business man as he heads home after another day at the office.

  nml-thumb No Man’s Land

No Man's Land Blexbolex's new graphic novel - 140 beautiful pages tell the story of...

enghmg_thumb Hilda and the Midnight Giant (English)

Hilda and the Midnight Giant The applauded first story in the Hilda album series!

  klaus_thumbnail Klaus

Dimensions: 160 x 180 mm portrait | Colours: B+W | Series: n/a | Extent: 68 pp | First edition print run: 3,000 The first 500 come with a beautiful A2 poster. Still some left, hurry! Visually informed by Short’s love of classic comic strips, especially Charles Schulz’ Peanuts and Tove Jansson’s Moomin, Klaus explores the un-adventures […]

  everythingwemiss_thumbnail Everything We Miss

Everything We Miss The acclaimed graphic novel by Luke Pearson is available to buy now

LoinDesYeux_Thumb Loin des Yeux…

Format: 155 x 220 mm | 38 pages | Couleurs: 3 tons directs | Couverture cartonnée rigide Vous êtes-vous jamais demandé ce qul se passait autour de vous lorsque vous n’y prêtez pas attention? Peut-être êtes-vous si absordé par votre vie quotidienne que vous ne remarquez pas ce qui se passe à côté de vous […]

  JEUNEFANTOME_thumb1 Le Jeune Fantôme

Un soir d'été, un fantôme s'égare.

  wolfswhistle_thumbnail The Wolf’s Whistle

The Wolf's Whistle Albert is a comic-creating, scrawny little wolf who spends his lunch breaks sharing tales of the ‘Lone Wolf’

graphcos_thumbnail A Graphic Cosmogony

When it comes to the birth of comics, like the birth of the cosmos, it's still open to speculation.


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