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Vacancy_thumbnail Vacancy

An exciting new 17 x 23 by Jen Lee. Vacancy follows an abandoned dog as he teams up with a raccoon and deer to make a new life for himself in the wild.

  LostProperty_thumbnail Lost Property

What if all the things you ever lost were all to re-appear?

  Fish_Thumb Fish

A striking and beautiful comic exploring the profound themes of adolescence and loss.

SHOW_thumb01 17×23 Showcase

A bi-annual, groundbreaking series designed to showcase new graphic narratives from 5 of the most promising young talents in comics!

  lrq-thumb Le Royaume Quo

Format: 170 x 230 mm | Couleurs: 4 tons directs | Série: n/a | Pagination: 24  pages | Première édition: 3,000 Au Royaume Quo, productivité est le maître mot. En effet, Quo (prince du royaume du même nom) possède une imposante usine de cristaux, qu’il compte bien rendre profitable afin de s’attirer les faveurs des […]

  hil_thumb Hildafolk (3rd Edition)

Hilda is sitting in her tent at night listening to the rumble of the storm passing overhead when she hears a bell. As she hurtles towards the vanishing tinkling sound, Hilda unwittingly embarks on an adventure into strange worlds ruled by magical forces. Luke Pearson tells this exciting tale with his stunningly adept use of […]

anewghost_thumbnail The New Ghost

Rob Hunter’s first comic for Nobrow Press took TCAF by storm, selling out on the first day of the event! The book is a beautiful, poetic story that is surprising in its adeptness for the medium of graphic

  obsolete_thumbnail Obsolete

Obsolete The cult comic by Mikkel Sommer.

  tempor_thumbnail Temporama

Temporama takes place in a city where, like any concrete jungle, technology favours the privileged, and nature is quarantined like a virus.

jeff_thumb Jeff Job Hunter

Jeff thinks he is on his way to the Job Centre to pick up his monthly benefit payment when in fact he is about to embark on a quest of Ulyssean proportions.

  Ourobouros_thumb Ouroboros

Inspired by the mythical serpent Ouroboros, Ben Newman takes the reader on a tale of action and adventure that juxtaposes brutal violence with ecstatic comic exuberance, where our protagonist fights a band of rogue, thuggish, drug peddling perverts after they murder his newly beloved mermaid.


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