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Behold, the Dinosaurs!

Dustin Harbin, the much celebrated and exciting artist behind Diary Comics creates Nobrow’s latest Leporello – Behold, the Dinosaurs!

Can you name over 100 Dinosaurs off the top of your head? Do you know which of them came first? Which of them went first? Which were the tallest and longest and which were the smallest and shortest? Which of them by travelled by land and sea, or sky? Well if you don’t know, Behold, the Dinosaurs! will get you well on your way there, with over 100 of the most awe inspiring Dinos and a handful of other prehistoric creatures that leap, crawl, run, fly, swim and slither from one side of this 4 m concertina to the other, right up to the point where… well, you know.




Karl Marx dreamt of a world free from exploitation, inequality and unemployment. Growing up in an ever transforming capitalist society, Marx sought to address the evils of the world through new ways of thinking – his solution? Revolution!

Following the success of the biographical comic on Sigmund Freud, Corinne Maier and Anne Simon have delved into the life of yet another subversive and outspoken figure in modern history; a man who would set out to change the way that people think and behave for years to come – Karl Marx.


Art Schooled

Daniel Stope is a small-town guy who dreams of becoming an artist. His enrolment at art school and consequent move to the city opens up a world of exciting possibilities. Unsurprisingly, Daniel struggles with his newfound independence – the difficulties of dating and making new friends in the big smoke. This new graphic novel by the exciting young illustrator Jamie Coe is a visually powerful tale. Coe’s penchant for films and visual story-telling manifests itself in his expert ability to craft beautifully structured and atmospheric illustrations.


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