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Kyle Platts

Price: £8.50 / €10.95 / $13.95

Dimensions: 162 × 241 mm | Extent: 52 pages | Colours: 4 spots with added spot varnish on cover | Format: Perfect bound | Series: Serial Box

Kyle Platts skateboards. A lot. Self-avowedly the worst skater in his crew, Kyle temporarily switches his skateboard for a drawing-board in Megaskull, a collection of off-the-wall comics work.

And we’re sure glad he did! Platts’ work is full of infectiously fun, unadulterated humour. Combining the artist’s often-caustic over the top character studies with his concise but occasionally grotesque cartooning skills, Megaskull is one truly demented package of comics goodness; filled with low-brow influences, Non sequiturs, truly hilarious dialogue and a cast of the most hilariously unfortunate, but well intentioned, train wrecks you’ll ever meet!

Part of the new generation of comics talent currently on the rise in the UK, Platts is known for his wild strips for Mint Magazine as well as his work with Nobrow in 17×23 Showcase and the acclaimed Nobrow 6: The Double anthology. Fans of creators such as Johnny Ryan (Prison Pit, xxx Scumbag Party) are sure to find something they love in Megaskull’s tales of slapstick stupidity. This collection of work will make you cry with laughter and wince with revulsion all at once! Awesome, right? Right.

Megaskull is part of Nobrow’s Serial Box series encouraging new talent to explore narratives, worlds and characters across bi-annually published comic books. Joining titlessuch as Jack Teagle’s Fight! and Louis Roskosch’s Leeroy and Popo, Megaskull is an invitation to witness the talents of the next wave of comics creators first.

Kyle Platts

Price: £8.50 / €10.95 / $13.95

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