Nishant Choksi

Nishant Choksi is an illustrator based in Brighton, UK, he’s been working as an illustrator for advertising and book editorial for the last 10 years since studying Fine Art Painting at Central Saint Martin’s in London. Recent work includes a wonderful children’s book for Kingfisher Publishing ‘Really Really Big Questions’ and some great advertising billboards for Vodafone one of which was made into an animated TV commercial. He lists his greatest influences as Charles Addams and other old New Yorker Cartoonists as well as Tomi Ungerer, Philippe Petit Roulet and Mid century design in general.
When we approached Nishant about the possibility of doing a book he presented some hilarious darkly humored sketches that he’d made with brush and ink on paper.

I thought it would be a good theme to expand into a book. It really came together after I thought of the title. I definitely lean towards the humorous macabre and I wanted to do something that was closer to the spontinatety of my sketches.

Nishant’s ‘less is more’ drawings worked a treat with the screenprint process, so naturally we were delighted to let him have a free reign.

I wanted to use this as an opportunity to try and ‘get back to basics’ – to do something that wasn’t finished on the computer. I wanted to experiment with a more spontaneous method of working to see how that effects the ideas and to see if there is potential for a change of direction in my work.

Check out Nishant’s ‘Topsy Turvy’ in Nobrow 3 if this article leaves you wanting more!

NB3_thumbNobrow 3: Topsy Turvy DCP_thumbDeath's Cocktail Party  

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