Ben Newman

Ben Newman is known for his contemporary fusion of bold shapes, bright colours and playful characters. He has exhibited his work internationally and worked for a diverse range of clients including the Tate, Fantagraphics and Selfridges.

For Nobrow, he has worked on a number of projects, including our very first Small Press book, The Bento Bestiary which will be released in hardback format in early October 2010. If you want to get your hands on the original hand printed version, there are still some copies left in our Small Press section, check it out!

In between jobs in his busy schedule we had the chance to ask him a couple of standard issue questions for your creative interest…

What is the driving force for your ideas?

An overactive imagination. Like most illustrators, I would draw a lot as a child, However, I would also run around the house acting out stories and battles in great length and detail by myself. I remember crawling up and down the stairs on my tummy pretending to be Spider-man fighting Doctor Octopus so much I got carpet burns almost everywhere including my face. I swear I must have given my Mum the biggest headaches. As an adult, I can’t really do this without being sectioned so I make do with staring out the window and pushing my ideas internally until I feel ready to start mapping them out on paper.

Finally, what inspires your work most?

Cartoons and comic books. It was what I was raised on.

NB1_thumbNobrow 1: Gods and Monsters NB2_thumbNobrow 2: The Jungle Ourobouros_thumbOuroboros 
dicetoy_thumbDicephaly Brothers by Ben Newman    

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